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Dynapumps commenced operations in 1981 selling Pumps and Power Transmission equipment to mining companies and manufacturers in Western Australia. The West Australian company was started by two Directors, one of which still runs the company, and a small staff of four.

As the company grew, Dynapumps needed to expand their offices to cater for the influx. So in May 1995, we opened our NSW office responsible for pump sales on the East Coast of Australia.

In July 2001 we formed a new company (Redwest Nominees P/L but still trading as Dynapumps) in NSW with two new shareholders who are also working Directors and commenced manufacturing our pump brand of “Flo-Max” turbine, propeller and submersible borehole pumps. This operation has been successful from the very first year and is improving steadily to capture a market dominated by only two other pump suppliers, of which only, one other brand is manufactured in Australia.

Dynapumps operations continued to grow and expand. This lead to another company being formed called Greenshow P/L in November 2003 in Queensland. Still trading as Dynapumps the new shareholder began to market our range of general pumps in the region but in particular the range of peristaltic and metering pumps for the East coast of Australia. In 2005 we purchased our premises in Yatala, Queensland with offices and warehouse of 177m2.

In March 2006 we opened a branch in Melbourne Victoria to improve our national coverage and offer stock and service for our products in that state. It aims to promote our range of vacuum pumps in particular to East Coast companies as well as supply our ever-growing pump range to local customers. In 2011 we moved the Dynapumps Victoria office to bigger premises in Thomastown to facilitate the growth of our business. In 2018, we expanded our offices in Western Australia by opening the new Sales & Service Centre which house our teams in Sales, Business Development and Servicing. In 2019, Dynapumps expanded internationally by opening offices in Santiago
and Concepción in Chile, which allows us to fully further expand our reach to clients both national and international.


FLO-MAX pumps are manufactured by Dynapumps in Australia and sold all over the world. You will find Flo-Max pumps in Africa, Asia and Europe. They are manufactured using local foundries and facilities.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and application of our range of pumps has enabled the development of innovations in pump design and materials. In house design, pattern making, casting and manufacturing is maintained and supervised by personnel to ensure quality and continuity is consistent.

FLO-MAX pump products include:

  • Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • Borehole Submersible Pumps
  • Vertical or Cantilevered Sump Pumps
  • Submersible Sump Pumps
  • Axial Flow Propeller Pumps


Dynavac, Dynapumps vacuum and air blower division, provide solutions for all applications. Dynapumps both engineer and build packages to suit the one-off needs to customers, as well as the supply of individual components. Our vacuum products cover many markets for industrial applications plus high and ultra-high vacuum for research and scientific markets.


  • Liquid Ring pumps for mining, sugar refining, pulp and paper, power generation, brickworks, and filter presses of all kinds
  • Rotary vane - lubricated and dry running, for industry & medical & central vacuum systems
  • Dry Running Claw pumps are used to save power and reduce maintenance for all applications
  • Side Channel Blowers for low-pressure applications

Research & Scientific

  • Two-stage rotary vane pumps for general laboratory use
  • Dry running scroll pumps for backing applications and general use
  • Dry running Screw pumps for research and PCB manufacture
  • Ion vacuum pumps for high vacuum in Synchrotrons and research
  • Turbo pumping systems for mass spectrometers and research
  • Diffusion pumps and Helium leak detectors
  • Freeze dryers and rotary evaporators

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