2 Stage Refrigeration Vacuum Pumps

  • 2 Stage Refrigeration Vacuum Pumps SKU049

    Dynavac’s VP range of 2-stage vacuum pumps have been designed specifically for the commercial refrigeration industry. Built upon the heavy duty VRD scientific grade pump platform, the VP series incorporates all the features of the VRD pump and includes an on-board vacuum gauge, 6-ported inlet manifold and trolley as standard.

    • High capacity for large refrigeration installations, including chillers and HVAC
    • High vacuum performance
    • Robust and easy to use
    • 2-handle trolley design for improved safety
    • 6 port manifold with built-in vacuum gauge, allowing connection to multiple devices
    • Anti-suck-back valve on inlet, slams shut in event of power outage

    There are 4 models in the VP range including ‘S’, ‘N’ & ‘B’ variants. Whether you are servicing HCFC, Ammonia or Lithium Bromide, there is a Dynavac VP pump specifically engineered for the application.


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