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S Pump - Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps

The S series pumps are centrifugal and self-priming. The impeller with open blades allows a wide passage of solids. With this kind of pump you can handle wastewater also with corrosive and viscous liquids containing solids in suspension, abrasive powders, even if there are air bubbles.

One of the advantages of this type of pump is indeed that it doesn't need to be immersed in the liquid. The maximum suction height is given by the physical conditions of the pumped liquid and can reach up to 8 m. Since the pump is normally placed dry above or aside the liquid, the suction line contains air.

The self-priming pump will evacuate all the air. The vacuum produced as the impeller rotates draws the air into the pump where it is mixed with the liquid already contained in the pump casing. The air/liquid mixture is driven to the discharge side where the air separates out and is expelled through the discharge port while the liquid, due to the higher gravity, falls back and is reused in the suction side through a small passage. When all the air has been evacuated from the suction line the liquid is pumped, even if air-charged.

The high suction port keeps enough liquid inside the casing to allow re-priming any time. The non-return valve in the suction port avoids a backflow of the liquid and reduces priming times.


  • Suction and discharge ports are available flanged or threaded (up to 4”). The threaded port have through-holes to take away faster the pipes
  • For easy installation, the DIN or ASA flanged ports have through-holes and ¼” threaded hole for Vacuum meter and manometer
  • Check valve: avoids backflow of liquid from the discharge side and reduces priming times. Available in NBR, Viton® (FKM), PTFE & EPDM
  • Maintenance-free ball bearings
  • Mechanical seal in Sic/Viton® (FKM) with stainless steel shaft sleeve and lubrication behind the seal to improve dry running capabilities
  • Heavy-duty open impeller and wear plate designed for abrasion and passage of solids. On request with cutting device for soft solids

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