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Magnetic Coupled Gear Pumps are magnetic driven, rotating positive displacement pumps, external gear type. Gear pumps generate low flows with middle to high discharge pressures and approximately no pulsation. The pump housing is made of chemical resistant solid block plastics like PP, PVDF or PTFE. The hydraulic parts, gears, shafts and bearings are made of non-metallic materials also.

The power transmission of drive and pump happens in a contact-less way with strong permanent magnets. So the pump is able to work without any shaft seals, which guarantees save supplies without any leakage of corrosive, toxic and explosive fluids.


  • Low flow with high discharge pressure
  • Constant regulation with frequency converter
  • Pumps in ATEX 2014/34/EU version available
  • Rotation direction is reversible
  • For pure fluids without any solids


  • Chemical waste water treatment or water treatment, such as precipitation, flocculation, coagulation, chlorination, neutralization
  • Metering of highly corrosive catalysts in Bio-Diesel Production Plants
  • Linear metering applications and transfer of alkaline and pickling agents in surface finishing
  • Self-priming suction out of sub-grounded tanks of solvents, corrosives, toxic, explosive or environmentally threatening liquids

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