Seal-less pump advantages in Reverse Osmosis applications


The demand for freshwater is growing all over the world. Reverse osmosis is the process that separates salt and other contaminants from water and other fluids. The most efficient reverse osmosis systems utilize high pressure to purify large volumes of water. On large marine vessels and in remote areas of the world, much of the water comes directly from the ocean. With no cups, packings or seals, the Hydra-Cell pump is ideally suited to deliver smooth, high-pressure seawater to the separation membranes of the reverse osmosis unit.


Seal-less Pump Performance Advantages comparison chart


Axial Piston Plunger Pump

Hydra-Cell advantages 

  • Requires a pressure feed to maintain the hydrodynamic film between the piston foot and swash plate
  • The seal-less design of the Hydra-Cell® eliminates the requirement of pressure feed, saving costs
  • Requires careful operational monitoring so filters do not blind and cause damage
  • 200 micron filtration is adequate to protect the pumps
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances can be degraded by the smallest of particles (5 micron absolute filters are often recommended (Cost $500))
  • Maintenance requires a clean environment to ensure the integrity of the tight tolerances
  • Hydra-Cell offer simple design and maintenance of the
    liquid end and can often be done in-situ
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 5 bar


Multistage centrifugal Pumps

Hydra-Cell advantages

  • Large footprint required to achieve high pressure
  • Hydra-Cell can meet these same flows and pressures with a much smaller footprint, saving space and costs
  • Mechanical seals and packing require adjustment, maintenance or replacement
  • The seal-less design of Hydra-Cell means that there are no seals or packing to maintain or replace
  • Requires carefully balancing to reduce levels of vibration, seal failure and premature wear
  • Efficiency quickly reduces when pump is operated away from its best efficiency point (Discharge pressure / fluctuations, Impeller or Seal wear)
  • Highly efficiency give significant energy savings


Reciprocating Plunger Pumps

Hydra-Cell advantages

  • Have dynamic seals that are design to leak to lubricate the pistons and plungers
  • The seal-less design of Hydra-Cell mean that the pumped liquid and lubricating liquid are kept completely separate
  • Requires careful operational monitoring so filters do not blind and cause damage
  • Valve closure by operator leading to liquid starvation, will cause immediate damage to the pump
  • Hydra-Cell’s Kel-Cell technology protects the pump, allowing the operator to rectify the error without causing damage.


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