Hydra-Cell pumps Food Grade Phosphoric Acid


A multinational food processing and retailing company established a new food grade and technical grade phosphoric acid production plant with a capacity of 21,000 tons per year. In the food industry, the material is used as an acid regulator in soft drinks, yeast production and the refining of butter and sugar.

Technical grades are used in the production of phosphate salts, electrochemical polishing, detergent manufacture, ceramics, plastics and fire retardants.

Hydra-Cell pumps were selected for this plant for their seal-less design advantages their ability to pump corrosive liquids at high temperatures without leaking and their low maintenance requirement.

Eight Hydra-Cell G35 pumps have been installed and have been running problem-free since 2010.

Liquid: Sodium tripolyphosphate at 80°C
Flow: 6.25 m3/h
Pressure: 40 bar
Duty: Continuous

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