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Dynapumps Mining Capabilites Information booklet

Dynapumps does majority of their work in the mining industry. For example see our some of our past mining projects such as Seed filtration pumps for Alcoa Pinjarra, Pan Filter Vacuum systems in International Gold Mines and Process Water Pumps for the Kansanshi Copper Mine.  Below are some of the Vacuum pumps and Air compressors that are relevant for the many applications in the mining industry.

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    • Dry Screw Pumps

      Dry Screw Pumps

      Dry Screw Pumps give all the advantages of dry-claw pumps but also offer higher flow capacities and vacuum levels.

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    • Dry-Claw Type Pumps And Compressors

      Dry-Claw Type Pumps And Compressors

      Operates on the principle of contactless rotary claw mechanism. No internal friction or wear occurs in the oil-less pump chamber. Delivers high energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirement.

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    • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

      Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

      Dynapumps liquid ring vacuum pumps offer the largest range of sizes available in both single and two stage designs. The main features are that of simplicity and robustness

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    • Side Channel Blower

      Side Channel Blower

      Dynapumps offers a range of Side Channel and PD (roots) blowers for all suction and positive pressure applications.

    • Vacuum Booster Packages

      Vacuum Booster Packages

      Vacuum Booster packages provide very high pumping capacities and high vacuums. An energy efficient alternative to many alternatives.

    Products 1 to 5 of 5

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