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  • Rotary Vane pumps are unique in their ability to deliver high or low throughput with ultimate high vacuum. » View More

  • Diffusion SKU031

    In Australia and New Zealand, Dynapumps offers the world-leading Agilent range of diffusion vacuum pumps. Pumping speeds from 65 – 28000 l/s are available with vacuum levels of down 10 ?? mbar [abs]. » View More

  • Dynapumps can supply a range of turbomolecular pumps supplied by the industry leader in TMP design, Agilent Technologies; Our range extends from 80 – 6000 l/s and incorporates some of the most advanced developments in the area including onboard controllers as well as radical new hybrid designs such as the Macrtorr and Twistorr technologies. » View More

  • In Australia and New Zealand, Dynapumps offers the world-leading Agilent range of Dry Scroll vacuum Pumps. Our range extends from 3 - 30 m3/h. » View More

  • As Australia’s distributor of the Agilent Technologies range of Ion pumps and accessories, Dynapumps can provide a solution to any research or industrial requirement that is needed.; Pumping speeds ranging from 0.2 – 500 l/s are available. » View More

  • Dynapumps have one of the widest ranges of vacuum gauges and controllers on the market.; Gauges suitable for both industrial and scientific applications can be supplied in configurations including Pirani, Capacitance, Inverted Magnetron and Hot Cathode Ionisation » View More

  • The Dynapumps range of vacuum fittings covers all aspects of vacuum components required in KF, ISO and CF designs.; To compliment this, our range of valves, both manual and pneumatic, include both general purpose ball valves, vacuum isolation valves and; UHV gate valves. » View More

  • The Agilent VIP 1000 can be used for applications that require the evacuation of large volume chambers where stable and ultrahigh vacuum is needed. » View More

  • The Agilent TPS-flexy Turbo Pumping System is a powerful do-it-yourself high vacuum system suitable for a wide array of challenging applications. » View More

  • Dynapumps offers a wide range of leak detection equipment ranging from portable and bench mounted unit, through to mobile and dedicated production-based systems. » View More

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