TXAM Solar Powered Chemical Injectors

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    Dynapumps leads the field with TXAM solar powered chemical injectors. Our solar pumps produce the highest pressures and highest volumes with least amount of energy consumption. TXAM has designed, produced, field tested and patented an electronic control system for chemical injection. Their application covers a wide range, including capillary injection, foamers, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and anti-foamers.

    There are considerable advantages using TXAM Solar Powered Pumps such as:-

    • Huge power and cost savings over gas powered pumps.
    • Stainless steel wetted parts are used to ensure long life.
    • Single or double injection points. 
    • Timer adjusted Injection rates (Frequency or Duration)
    • Easy installation (pre-wired) and low maintenance.
    • They are fully portable and can be moved easily to a new location.
    • Electronic control system for chemical injection.
    • Capacities up to 200 gallons/day (757 lpd) and pressures up to 4,000 psi (276 Bar).
    • Solar Panels up to 110 watt and motors available in 240 volt or 12/24 DC

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