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Tornado Rotary Lobe Pump

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  • tolerant of dry running
  • self priming
  • conveyance of media with low or high viscosity
  • large ball passage
  • space-saving and compact but highly efficient construction


  • flow rate in proportion to rotational speed
  • high dosing precision
  • constant, low-pulsation conveyance
  • smooth conveyance of shear sensitive media
  • low life cycle costs and easy servicing (FSIP)
  • pump design and accessories in accordance with national and international standards, as well as customized models


One of the TORNADO®’s remarkable features is that it has been designed to be Full Service in Place instead of simply Maintenance in Place. The rotors can be removed and replaced very easily and quickly because they are not bolted or keyed to the shafts within the pump head but fixed with quick-fit non media wetted taper lock assemblies positioned and accessed outside of the pump head. The geometry of the rotors means that they can be fitted and removed independently. There are no keys dictating a unique rotor position which results in faster, easier and cleaner rotor removal and replacement and for rotor synchronisation a setting device is included as an integral part of the pump front cover. Benefiting from all these features the service time for the TORNADO® T2 has been reduced to significantly less than half the time required for servicing a conventional rotary lobe pump.

Design and position of mechanical seal: cartridge unit integral with rotor

The design of the TORNADO® T2 eliminates dead areas and wear to the shaft minimising the maintenance and cleaning required.

Design and position of mechanical seal: cartridge unit integral with rotor
Cartridge unit
  • Uninterrupted and direct flow of media to and around seal faces
  • Self draining, no dead areas
  • No wear of shafts, the seal is mounted on an integrated rotor sleeve
  • Easy assembly and disassembly



Available through Dynapumps in Western Australia

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