Seal Water Multi Pump Skids to Support Main Ore Slurry Pumps


One of the latest of four pump packages to leave the Dynapumps yard are destined for an iron ore mine located in Western Australia. This mine will have a 55Mtpa wet processing plant which includes slurry pumps with a special Plan 54 double mechanical seal system.

Dynapumps have supplied 6 of high pressure Diaphragm multi-pump sets as part of a seal water support system for the slurry pumps. The flow rate of each pump ranges from 0.90m3/h to 3.12m3/h and the total dynamic head is 612m per pump. Each skid system is fully fabricated in house and includes a fabricated 316 stainless steel tank ranging from 1000L to 2000L, fabricated 316 stainless steel pipework and manifolds, accumulators and instrumentation.

Each package has a heat exchanger circuit with turbidity sensor and UV disinfection unit prior to the seal water tank to reduce system temperature and ensure no bacterial growth occurs. Suction manifolds are fitted with basket strainers in a duplex arrangement with remote clogging indication. All discharge pipework is Swagelok stainless steel tubing due to the high pressure requirements and rugged installation conditions, including isolation valves, fittings, strainers and relief valves.

Dynapumps also supplied 2 off 35kW Chillers as part of this package to provide cooling water to the seal water systems which are located in the remote booster area.

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