Revolutionary New Product - Bearing Oil Analyser


The Bearing Oil Analyser (BOA)

Were you aware that water in the bearing housing of oil lubricated pumps reduces bearing life significantly? Tests indicate that 0.002% of water mixed with oil reduces bearing life by 48%. Dynapumps has found a new way to detect water contamination in the bearing chamber so that maintenance and downtime costs are minimised.


The BOA is an inexpensive assurance to save costs on overhauls and to assist in improving the running of the rotating equipment. Designed in 1991, there are now 11,000 units in operation throughout the world. To improve the life time of the pumps the bearing oil must be in good condition and free from contamination. The BOA gives you an insight into what is happening with the oil in the bearing chamber.

How the BOA Works

Contamination of bearing oil occurs when condensation forms as the pump cools down and heats up, such as being subjected to a hot day and cool night. Most pumps installed outside will be subject to condensation. 0.002% of water in the bearing housing oil can be found due to condensation and this significantly reduces the bearing’s lifespan.

With the BOA attached it is easy to see when there is water or contamination to the bearing oil. The BOA is installed in the sump/drain plug tapping and, as water is heavier than oil, the water will sink to the bottom of the BOA where it can be viewed and drained away or samples taken for testing.


Oil drained from a bearing chamber with the water      The Bearing Oil Analyser. 
sitting below the oil.

Benefits of the BOA

  • Early warning of contamination before overheating occurs
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Instant oil sampling
  • Made in Western Australia
  • Glue-free construction
  • Will not yellow in sunlight
  • Easy cleaning, just dismantle
  • Designed for temperatures between minus 15°C to 100°C







Water is easily drained from the chamber with the BOA

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