Pump system efficiency used to discover energy savings, process enhancements and maintenance opportunities


/theme/dynapumps2019comau/assets/public/Image/ProductImages/pumpworks/PW-610-PWD.jpgThe general efficiency of a pumping system can be well-defined by the ratio of the hydraulic production of the pump from the electrical energy input to its motor. It can be used to assist in identifying any opportunities for energy savings, process developments and maintenance scheduling. It can be planned using measurements from the pump flow, motor power, pump inlet and outlet pressure.

These measurements can be at times unavailable and adding them permanently can be costly. Although, it is quite easy to measure the pump inlet pressure, motor power, and pump outlet pressure on a provisional basis by joining electrical instruments and fitting pressure measurement instruments on essential pumps.

Mounting flow measurement instruments can be more complex to implement because of operating conditions, fluid properties and resources of construction need to be thought out for each desired measurement. Using a portable ultrasonic flowmeter is a feasible option for some applications. Installing a full-bore flowmeter can be expensive, though the advantages outweigh the costs involved. Pump configurations often contain one operating pump that drives a fluid from one location to other, by throttling a control valve to regulate, for example, the level in a tank. In these applications, setting up a variable speed drive to activate the pump and eliminate the control valve can often produce sufficient energy savings to pay for a new flowmeter that can be used in a control strategy to alleviate operation, whilst used to calculate the efficiency of the pump system.

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