Pressure-boosting pumps help realise a vision for supplying water sustainably


Wasserverband Südliches Burgenland (WVSB), a water utility of Southern Burgenland in Oberwart had worked with Grundfos for many years - primarily in the submersible pumps area. WVSB heard that Grundfos was field-testing a new “extra-large” series of CR multistage pumps. WVSB could use these in its water booster supply application after sand filtration/backwash to lift the water into the storage tanks. A suggestion was to use the new CR-95 could do the same work with 30% more efficient than the current brand of pumps in the application. Because of the small size, WVSB were unsure if the new pump could cope and deliver the necessary water pressure. Their top priority was to ensure a safe, energy and cost-efficient water supply to Oberwart’s 50,000 residents.

The new CR-95 surpassed their expectations, after a half year of operation they learnt that for every litre per second delivered, the new Grundfos CR-95 used 689 W - versus 895 W from the old pumps which was a 30% savings. WVSB were impressed by the readings proving a considerable saving in energy and were surprised by the performance data. WVSB plan to replace the other three older pumps on the boosting line with CR-95s in coming months. By achieving substantial energy savings with just one pump, the pump fits into the utility’s ambitions of sustainability, which include its solar energy supply installed on building rooftops nearby. With these 200 PV panels and the new pump and lower energy consumption, WVSB can now run essential equipment in case of a power blackout.

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