Offshore Oil Rig demands top performance pump for Crude Oil project


In Aberdeen, Scotland, there are 120 Oil and Gas fields known in production, one leading Oil and Gas Company’s offshore platform in particular was overwhelmed by production ceasing failures. The reason was a fault in design regarding the Flare Drain Drum Pumps and there had to be a solution to overcome this error.

The previous pump on the offshore platform had been installed and operating since the late 1990s. The former pump manufacturer now no longer existed, which created another major problem since the equipment had been malfunctioning from the beginning and prone to failure from the time of installation.

The team of experts promptly identified the issue, discovering that the high speed pump used a flexible shaft, which transported the undertaking of the drive shaft to a wildly rotating rotor. The design error produced significant imbalance, several sealing issues and recurring breakdowns of the flexible shaft.

However the solution was evident and a new pump was swiftly commissioned and fit accurately into position. The new custom-made SEEPEX pump now runs at a much lower rpm and meets all the NPSH requirements. It’s exceptionally robust since the shaft diameter is three times larger than the previous pumps and utilises super duplex stainless steel. The outcome created excellent corrosion resistance with a momentous reduced lifecycle costs since the installation and commissioning of the SEEPEX pumps.

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