Introducing the Latest Fluid Transfer Technology, Smoothflow® Pumps


Dynapumps are proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Tacmina Pumps. Tacmina has specialised in manufacturing diaphragm metering pumps for 50 years. Their products are actively being used in chemical plants, pharmaceuticals and food production processes, disinfection and for water treatment all over the world.

Dynapumps are particularly excited about the Smoothflow® Pump range. These pumps are pulse-less diaphragm type pumps which unlike regular diaphragm pumps, produce very little vibration or pulsation which is known to create surging, noise and other problems.

With many models of the Smoothflow® Pump available, it can be applied to a variety of applications such as metered transfer, transfer through long-distance piping, mixing of multiple kinds of liquids and transfer of high-viscosity liquids and slurries. This makes the product relevant for a wide variety of industries.

The Smoothflow® Pumps solve not only the problems you would encounter with conventional diaphragm pumps but also the problems with shaft seals and other parts of rotary displacement pumps.

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