Grundfos launches new range of CR vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps


Danish pump manufacturer, Grundfos, has released a new range of CR vertical multi-stage centrifugal in-line pumps which introduces world-class efficiency upgrades and new features that will further improve pump reliability.

The new generation range of Grundfos CR pumps has been made even more robust than its forerunners through use of state-of-the-art technology in simulation-design, materials, testing and production, with the addition of predictive monitoring. The CR pumps range can transport corrosive, hot, and high-pressure liquids used across various applications including water supply, water treatment and almost all industrial solutions.

The latest range of CR centrifugal pumps introduces three new flow sizes (CR95, 125 and 155) and increases the maximum water flow to 220 cubic meters per hour. The company states that the new pumps exceed current energy efficient limits for multi-stage in-line pumps.

Gary Flanagan, regional product manager - Multistage, Grundfos Asia Pacific Region, said that this new generation of CR pumps is meeting the evolving needs of industries in Asia and globally. With optimised hydraulic design, from impeller and guide vanes to inlet, discharge port, sleeve and diffuser - the new generation of Grundfos CR pumps offers exceptional energy efficiency and ease of installation.

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