Graco increase profits by providing FDA-approved pumps for the food and beverage industry


Graco has developed into one of the leading suppliers of FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration) pumps for the food and beverage industry, largely for high-volume food production companies. Graco Pumps are renowned for their capabilities to dispense or meter food ingredients as needed for many food products ranging from Oreos and Kellogg range to Campbell’s soup and Coca-Cola.

Graco first built its reputation on providing industrial pumps and sprayers used for automotive painting, fire proofing oil rigs and insulating residential homes. While the company's revenue still account for those applications, it’s Graco's present focus on the food and beverage industry that’s doubled the companies’ profits since early 2010. Since offering quick and reliable pump technology, Graco empowers manufacturers to improve productivity, time efficiency and retains high quality.

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