Graco EP Series - Hose Pumps with no Motor Drive


Dynapumps , as agents for Graco, are excited to announce a new series of peristaltic pumps. The EP series can be ordered without a motor drive so that each pump can be customised with the most suitable motor for the application. Each pump can accommodate a variety of hose diameters which also allows for a greater range of options. There are three models in the new range; the EP2 series which is ideal for chemical metering applications, the EP3 series that can also be used for chemical metering and sanitary applications and the EP4 series which has been designed primarily for abrasive material transfer applications. 

What sets this range of peristaltic pumps apart is the 360 degree rotation of the single roller on the hose. The oversized roller puts 40% less stress on the hose compared to conventional shoe pumps running at the same flow rate.This reduces wear on the low friction hose and results in less maintenance and downtime. The integral drive train allows the EP series pumps to pump at speeds as low as 1 rpm.

The Graco EP series are inexpensive to maintain. One of the notable features is a “quick change” one-piece hose clamp assembly for easy replacement of hose and lube. Hose pumps contain no valves, seals or glands, which reduces the amount of parts that need maintenance or replacement. For more information on the Graco EP Series, please call Dynapumps on 1300 788 579 or contact us here.


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