Fundamentals of Screw Pumps


A screw pump is a type of positive displacement pump that uses two or more screws that connect to pressurise fluids and transfer into a system. The screws take in liquid then force it out from the other side while increasing its pressure.

Range of the Screw Pumps

Twin screw pump - These pumps function by using two intermeshing screws. The pumps outfitted with timing gears situated outside the pumping chamber that is lubricated with oil to safeguard the two screws are rotating correctly. Due to the design, screws are not essential to be in direct contact with each other which assists in the life of the screw pump.

Triple screw pump - They utilise one driving screw interconnected with the other two screws to generate pressure and move the fluid. The screws come into contact with each other, which often limit the pump to handling only clear liquids.

There is also a three spindle screw pump universally used in the marine and offshore industries to move high-pressure viscous liquids. Three screws that rotate in opposite directions drive the fluid onward in a closed cavity and along the screws’ spindles. The pumps are also used to passage viscid liquids with lubricating properties and in an assortment of applications including burners, circulating, boosting, fuel-injection, oil hydraulics, lubrication and others.

The single screw pump is used less frequently as they only have one screw and limited capabilities.


Due to their capability to deliver high flow rates even in viscous liquids, screw pumps are ideal for elevators, fuel transfer, and other alike industrial applications. Single screw pumps are designed to be utilized for simple water transportation such as for storm-water pumping, sewage inlet pumps, drainage pumping, and to transfer industrial waste-water.

Benefits of Screw Pumps

Screw pumps deliver the highest flow rate of positive displacement pumps which makes them an ideal choice for those who work with challenging to move liquids, as in many Oil & Gas applications conveying fuels, oils, and other high viscidness liquids. Screw pumps are also an exceptional choice for two-phase fluid and gas mixtures.

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