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Water hammer can be a problem for submersible pumps, with pressure fluctuations affecting pipelines to breakdown and possibly damage equipment. The Application Manager at Grundfos, Karl Norbert Kiniger, explains when and why this occurrence can happen and how to moderate the hazards with an intelligent solution by Grundfos. There are numerous recommendations to optimise tank inlet pumping or surface water, including pump location, the setup and when you might have a number of pumps in corresponding operation.

In this eight part expert series ‘Designing Water Extraction in Diverse Conditions’ it’s explores eight varied and challenging settings for submersible pumps. The brief training videos provide recommendations like the placement of the pump, features, design and efficient processes. It is published by Grundfos for Engineers, to view the eight part video playlist visit this link: Grundfos Designing Water Extraction in Diverse Conditions playlist

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