Economical Leistritz Multiphase Pumps for Oil and Gas production


Economical Multiphase Pumps for Oil and Gas productions

The traditional procedures for producing Oil & Gas are effectively interchanged by a more simplified and cost-effective technology called multiphase pumping. This pumping technique doesn’t demand the separation of water, oil or gas, so production from this field can be collected and transferred to a central processing space without the need to distinct heater-treaters, flow lines, separators, tanks, flares, compressor and stock pumps.

Leistritz Multiphase pumps have the ability to handle low inlet pressures, which are important for lowering the flowing backpressure of the well. Typically with many wells, mainly those on artificial lift, substantial gains and accelerated production can be accomplished with even a modest drop in back pressure - enough to in many cases validate the investment within a few weeks to months. The applications Leistritz Multiphase Pumps are manufactured for use in onshore, offshore or in subsea locations and offer both high and low pressure designs.

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