Easy and reliable! Low-cost Apollos pumps are designed for any fluid and viscosity


Blackhawk's economical pumps are ideal for condensate sumps – biomass/biogas, landfill, pipeline. Blackhawk’s Apollo solar or electric piston pumps combine high reliability and versatility with easy maintenance and low cost.

Blackhawk Apollo solar and electric piston pumps

The simple, effective Scotch-yoke design has few moving parts, allowing installation and servicing above the sump or wellhead, safely and cleanly away from the fluids being pumped.

Blackhawk range features:

  • Model 101 offers lifts to 400 feet / 122 meters and flows to 1.1 gpm / 4.2 lpm;
  • Model 102 draws flows to 3.0 gpm / 11.4 lpm at 275 feet / 84 meters.
  • Heavy-Duty Apollos can be customized for elevated-temp and extreme environments.
  • Solar models are available with supplemental battery option. Electric models connect with grid AC.

For more information on pumps designed for heavy-duty use in landfills, petrochemical remediation and product-recovery, oilfield stripper wells, process pumping and applications in standard to harsh environments contact Dynapumps on 1300 788 579 or email

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