Dynapumps tailor solutions for Dampier Salt project


Dampier Salt a world leader in the supply of solar salt, uses Flo-Max axial flow (propeller) pumps to deliver sea-water and brine in their operations. Dynapumps supply and repair the pumps which are subject to severe conditions while pumping a highly corrosive product.

For this project, the company supplied two 16P (400mm diameter) Flo-Max Axial Flow (Propeller) pumps for salt production. Fitted with a 37 kilowatt motor, these pumps hold an impressive capacity, processing 416L per second at 3.5m head. 316 stainless steel construction and Vesconite water flushed bearings were also supplied, to improve pump resistance against the project’s abrasive and corrosive conditions.

The company has also provided service to the various pumps in operation at Dampier Salt: currently in use onsite is a new style of impeller, without a neck or holes, which has substantially increased the working life of the units housing it. Dynapumps has also lined the pump’s internal components to increase pump longevity. This technology uses a glass flake filled composite using resin technology, created specifically for the process industry.

Dynapumps also repair and re-condition Dampier Salt's end suction and slurry pumps in their Perth workshop where they are stripped down and assessed. A comprehensive report is then sent to Dampier Salt with full details, photos and recommendations.

All Dynapumps’ designs and servicing is geared towards maximising pump life.

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