Dynapumps embrace the latest in 3D design technology


At a time when efficiency, cost containment and time to market are more crucial than ever, engaging with suppliers with SolidWorks3D™ capabilities can offer businesses a distinct advantage.

Solidworks3D design

First generation, 2-dimensional CAD (computer-aided-design) programs restrict the user to certain views of their design, resulting in zero depth perception and added difficulty when checking clearances. The result of these limitations meant accurate visualization and the ultimate success of the end product was limited to the level of 2D dimensionality.

Dynapumps were willing to invest in the latest in 3D technology to support our customers who are dealing regularly with multi-million dollar projects.

When the need to understand the design intent history and the pressure of remembering complex rules associated with 2D design are eliminated, engineers are free to return their focus to ‘design’. This allows them to apply their practical knowledge to more productive areas, such as ensuring the fabrication can be put together and disassembled with ease and making sure the client’s maintenance needs are met. Dynapumps’ Quality Manager, Tim Simmons explains; “Prior to making the investment in the SolidWorks™ program, our designs did not always allow easy access to gauges, valve handles, greasing points etc.  In addition there were occasions when bolts and supports for equipment and pipework did not have sufficient clearances for easy assembly or dismantling. The 3-Dimensional viewing mechanisms and ability to easily manipulate our designs in SolidWorks™ has in essence, eliminated these issues. Taking on SolidWorks3D™ for our in house design has raised the bar, ensuring our concepts are aligned exactly to our customers’ concepts and also allowing the final users to visualize their product in its design stage.”

Listing Woodside, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto amongst our clientele, we can now offer these blue-chip corporate giants the unique advantage of knowing we are utilizing the same high-end software as they are using in-house. But far from being exclusive, free-to-use software available online enables any user to view SolidWorks™ designs, meaning even the smallest of our clients will receive the benefits the program has to offer.

Of course, there is still a critical need for traditional, 2-D designs in the fabrication process and using SolidWorks™ means once the virtual prototype is complete, the speed and accuracy of developing these drawings is faster than ever before.

While the advantages on offer for our own engineers using the program are significant, the improved outcomes and benefits to the customer are just as important. David Watt, Dynapumps’ National Sales Manager has observed; “Our clients have benefited from the notable reduction in fabrication costs, which has resulted from the ability to more thoroughly check the systems in 3-dimensional format. They can also take comfort in knowing their maintenance requirements and ongoing maintenance schedules will be easier to perform. Using SolidWorks™ expedites the whole design process for our client’s approval and reduces system delivery timeframes.”

On balance, SolidWorks3D™ has presented the opportunity for the engineering team at Dynapumps’ to fully harness their technical expertise and skills and as a result, the designs being received by our clients are more innovative, accurate and cost efficient.

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