Dynapumps develops system for Cyclonic Conditions Testing


A leading University in Queensland has been commissioned to test roofing material under cyclonic conditions. The test requires a high flow of air and means of varying the delivery pressure by up to 70 hectopascals every second to simulate cyclonic conditions. See below for a brief video on a similar cyclonic testing air box. 

Dynapumps designed and supplied a blower package with a programmable control system to deliver air at the rapid pressure variations required.

A Dynavac “Side channel” blower is utilised to provide suction to the air-box. Once started, the blower runs continuously and suction is applied to the air-box through the suction line.

On the suction line between the blower and the air-box is a pulsing control valve, that opens and closes the supply of suction to the air-box. An additional valve that opens to atmosphere is also installed. This valve immediately vents the vacuum stored in line.

A pulsing effect at the air-box is achieved by the opening and closing of these valves at pre-set intervals.

Two sets of vacuum limiting valves are installed to set the upper vacuum level limit of the pulsing cycle.

  1. One set is factory preset to -7kPa
  2. The other set is to be preset by the operator

The Control panel is fitted with 2 adjustable timers that allows the operator to:

  1. Set pulsing interval (eg 1 second)
  2. Set test run cycle (eg 4500 seconds)

The control panel has “Start” and “Emergency Stop” buttons to operate blower motor. It also has a rotary switch installed to select manual/ automatic control of the pulsing valves and timers. For more information on Dynavac systems, please contact us.


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