Dynapumps at the Institute of Hospital Engineers Australia Conference


This year, the Institute of Hospital Engineers Australia (IHEA) held their 61st annual conference in Perth, at the Conference & Exhibition Centre. IHEA brings together engineers and engineering facility managers employed in both public and private areas of the health care sector as well as consultants from relevant fields. The conference, which ran from the 8th – 11th September, aimed to “bring together professionals from all over Australia by providing opportunities to engage, build and maintain challenges and issues within the Institute of Hospital Engineering industry”. One of the key themes of this year’s conference was Maintenance, described by the IHEA organisation as being the nuts and bolts of what a hospital engineer does. Delegates considered and discussed different methods of carrying out this part of their roles efficiently, economically and to regulatory standards. Glenn Mitchell, of ABC Sport and John Clark, from the NHS Institute to the Department of Health, Western Australia were two of the conferences Keynote speakers.

Dynapumps was amongst this year’s exhibitors at the conference, show casing their products and abilities in the Medical, Dental & Veterinary sectors as well as their service and maintenance capabilities. A popular feature of the exhibition booth was the Weber business card draw, which was won by Peter Easson of Bentley Hospital.

Dynapumps Central Vacuum Systems reduce maintenance and downtime by using larger pumps and a vacuum receiver instead of many smaller pumps. Dynapumps build these to Australian standards AS2896 to enable plug and play installation, saving both time and money. Designs and drawings are always client approved before proceeding to the construction stage. Once built, the system undergoes a vigorous 4 hour testing process to verify all controls work as they were intended. Dynapumps have a complete range of the regular oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps in sizes up to 750m3/h which can be used for replacement of older pumps or for new systems.

Within the Dental sector, Dynapumps manufacture 100% water-free dental vacuum aspiration equipment designed for many years of maximum reliability. Dynapumps regularly tailor solutions across the board from single dentists to customised PLC controlled system for dental schools or hospitals. Top of the line technology with amalgam separation and extra sturdy construction yields unmatched efficiency, performance and overall economy. The solutions on offer are all backed up with ongoing support and onsite maintenance. Dynapumps can provide fixed price contracts to maintain equipment and prolong its life as well as avoiding any down time. Price-sensitive, fixed contracts ensure value for money as well as discounts on all products and services required.

For customers who run into problems, Dynapumps has a team of experienced fitters in their service and repair facilities and can have your operation running smoothly again as soon as possible. With service centres in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Dynapumps can offer qualified advice, installation and commission and fast turnaround on spares and repairs wide across the country.

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