Dynapumps acquires new CNC Turning Centre from Hare & Forbes with impressive results


Dynapumps NSW

Dynapumps NSW recently purchased their latest asset, the Doosan PUMA GT2600M CNC Turning Centre from Hare & Forbes Machinery House. Since operating the new machine, the Dynapumps team have been very impressed with its performance.

  • Improved efficiency and speed of operation
  • Faster machining speeds means improved delivery times
  • Reduction in energy consumption for a cleaner world
  • Safer operation and easy maintenance

The Turning Centres main feature is its C-Axis and Live Tooling; this allows the machine to carry out complex drilling, milling and tapping operations as well as the standard turning & boring operations. This improves efficiency in production by negating the need to carry out a second operation on parts with another machine.

The Doosan PUMA GT2600M model is also more energy efficient than other machines on the market with years of development in drive technology to reduce the power consumption. The new grade turning centre equipped with a powerful spindle delivers precise cutting capabilities and exceptional productivity.

Dynapumps are grateful for the excellent service at Hare & Forbes Machinery House for their expert experience and wealth of advice. To find Hare & Forbes range of Engineering, Metal & Wood working machinery, please visit their website For complete vacuum, air and pressure pumps solutions, contact Dynapumps today on 1300 788 579 or visit

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