Cimeco Containerised Fire Pump


One of the most recent containerised pumps to come out of the Dynapumps workshop is the Cimeco containerised fire pump. The dual electric/diesel fire pump system to AS2941 standard, is housed in a 40 foot sea container with lighting, access doors, louvers, ventilation and monorail. The container is custom built and acoustically attenuated to 85dB @ 1m. Contained within are an electric and a diesel Southern Cross pump capable of a duty flow of 6000L/min @ 92m each. DN250 Victaulic suction and discharge manifolds are housed in within the container and 316SS AS2941 control panels are mounted externally at one end.

There will more containerised pumps coming out of the Dynapumps workshop soon and it’s no surprise as there are many significant benefits of constructing a pump set within a shipping container.

The sea container helps increase the operational reliability of the pump by protecting it from the harsh conditions of a mine site. This is of particular importance for a critical safety system such as a fire pump. The container also reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance required to keep the radiators and cooling fans working efficiently by protecting the pump from the environmental elements. In the event of a fire, the sea container will slow the fire’s progress down significantly and protect the pump from the flames for a period of time.

A containerised pump means installation is less hassle and cheaper. The container is a fixed size and on site assembly is minimal. In situations where noise levels are an issue, the acoustic attenuation provided by the container reduces noise output.

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