Borehole Pumps help cattle farmers overcome drought in Zimbabwe


In one of the driest parts of Zimbabwe, communities are abandoning farming in favour of raising cattle with the backing from the United Nations and a local not-for-profit organization. The village of Mathafeni, one of the driest districts in Zimbabwe, is now running solar borehole pumps to transport the water supply into troughs for cattle to drink. The borehole pumps supply water from a dip tank system which helps decrease the danger of waterborne disease.

One of the Cattle Raisers, Thembani Khumalo said that prior to the installed borehole pumps, his kids would have to miss school to take the livestock far distances to look for water. He added that the cows are now healthier and priced better for sale at local markets. Once buyers use to offer around $200, but can now offer up to $600 for the healthier cattle.

A local nurse, who recently switched to cattle ranching, says now her livestock have a dependable source of food and water, which also supports her income. At each borehole pump, there is also a fodder garden for cattle to have a sufficient source of food all year round.

The Grundfos range of SQFlex pumps is the ideal solution for reliable and cost-effective water supply applications in remote locations, which also aided the Kwatella tribe in Kenya.

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