SV60V Portable Slurry Pump

  • SV60V Portable Slurry Pump SKU124

    The SV60-V Guzzla Portable Solids Pump is a one man vacuum loading, pressure discharge pump capable of recovering and transferring up to 10m3/hr @SG1.0(44USGPM) of almost any flowable material. The SV60-V Guzzla Portable Solids Pump generates up to 25”Hg+ of vacuum combined with high airflow which allows the unit to transfer materials ranging from mining slurries and oil sludge through to cementatious powders and grains. The SV60-V Guzzla Portable Solids Pump is employed worldwide servicing farms, mines, drill rigs, construction sites, process and power plants and many more.


    • 100% compressed air operation
    • Intrinsically safe
    • Versatile
    • No internal moving components
    • Fully automatic
    • High vacuum and high airflow
    • Delivers up to 500 metres (1640 feet)
    • High solids content transfer
    • Also available in 316 stainless steel


    • Spillage recovery and transfer
    • Sump cleaning and desilting
    • Tank bottoms and sludge extraction
    • Pneumatic excavation and dewatering
    • OBM transfer and pit cleaning

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