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    Smoothflow® Pumps are for those who want total control in liquid flow. The pumps provide high precision and have outstanding capabilities, as well as the ability to perform above and beyond your expectation.

    • No Liquid leakage- Liquid transferred do not leak outside the pump. This makes it possible to prevent high-value chemicals from being wasted and poisonous chemicals from harming people or the environment. Furthermore, you can always keep your factory clean.
    • No contact with the open air- The full sealing construction of the Smoothflow® Pump ensures the safe transportation of liquids that easily solidify or evaporate when they are exposed to the open air, thus protecting them from deterioration.
    • No damage to liquid- As the pump does not stir or put excessive local pressure on the liquid, there is no fear of a deterioration in the quality of the liquid due to shearing, friction, pressurisation, or a rise in temperature.
    • No entry of foreign matter- The Smoothflow Pump does not have sealing components in which foreign matter are able to enter or sliding components that generate abrasion powder. Due to its excellent sanitary performance, the Smoothflow Pump is suitable for the transfer of food materials and medical supplies.
    • Constant and stable flow rate- The Smoothflow Pump ensures a constant flow with no pulsation, thus causing almost no vibration, noise or burden on facilities, regardless of the length of the piping.
    • Less Equipment Cost- The Smoothflow Pump ensures a smooth flow with minimal pressure loss in the piping, thus not requiring large pipes, valves, or auxiliary parts. The Smoothflow Pump greatly reduces the equipment costs of large-scale plants and sires that require expensive piping materials, such as Teflon linings.
    • Ease of precise control- The Smoothflow Pump possess excellent linearity and responsiveness, thus achieving precise flow control without suffering any undue influence from pressure changes. Furthermore, the Smoothflow Pump transfers liquid continuously at a fixed rate, thus the flow can be easily controlled using a flow meter.
    • Safe and Reliable- The Smoothflow Pump maintains the stable inner pressure of the piping, thus ensuring site safety for even narrow or long pipes. The Smoothflow Pump makes it possible to minimise the number of required auxiliary parts that must be installed.
    • Dry- Running OK- Unlike conventional rotary positive displacement pumps, the Smoothflow Pump does not have the sliding parts that may wear out or seize even while idling. Since you don’t need to worry about how much of the liquid is left in the tank, the volume of liquid and tank size can be minimised
    • Transfer of Slurry- The Smoothflow Pump transfers slurry without damaging the pump and without biting or crushing the slurry.
    • A wide range of capacities- TACMINA has a broad line up of Smoothflow Pump units with various discharge capacities, ranging up to units that are capable of discharging 45 litres per minute (2700 l/h), thus making it possible for customers to select the model that best suits their application needs.
    • Easy maintenance- The Smoothflow Pump is easily disassembled and reassembled with only a minimum number of consumable parts. Furthermore.
    • Compatible with a variety of liquids- To meet customers’ needs, pump heads are available in a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel, PVC and PVDF. The Smoothflow Pump makes it possible to transfer a variety of chemical liquids, such as acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.
    • Energy Saving- The efficiency of the Smoothflow Pump is an astounding 98%. Compared to volute pumps with an equivalent capacity, a smaller motor can be used. Therefore, the Smoothflow Pump greatly reduces power consumption and the burden on the environment.

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