Process hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps

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    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps benefit from thirty-years design experience gained in developing process hydraulic diaphragm pumps. Innovation lies in the combination of a hydraulic diaphragm process pump head with a reliable, economical, few-components design mechanism. XRN series basic version has pump casing protected by anodic oxydation and world class three phase make motor. On demand pump casing can be painted (total thickness up to 300 μ).


    • OBL “XRN” series metering pumps are controlled-volume reciprocating pumps
    • The aluminium monobloc construction offers the advantage of a hydraulic system in a compact and economical design with few components
    • The hydraulic system with its mechanically actuated oil replenishing (smart diaphragm) system overcomes many common suction and discharge problems
    • Compliance with ATEX normative 94/9/CE, with possible installation in both zone (of danger) 1 and 2, thanks to the built-in relief valve
    • Accuracy, linearity and repeatebility as per API 675 requirement
    • Suitable for 24/7 operation


    • Maintenance is reduced to a minimum.
    • The sealess oil-bathed plunger maintains as-new volumetric efficiency even after 40,000 working hours.
    • The diaphragm protected by the built-in relief valve and mechanically actuated oil-replenishing system, has a working life in excess of 40,000 hours.
    • The diaphragm is held independently of the pump head, so that when the head is dismantled, the diaphragm is retained in the body and no oil is lost. This significantly improves the ease of maintenance.
    • The inclusion of and integral safety valve results in some 50% cost saving on the installation.
    • Excellent value for the money is achieved thanks to the few components mechanism, such as the direct plunger stroke adjustment and the cam mechanism.

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