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SV500 High Volume Mining Pump

The SV500 High Volume Mining pump is primarily designed to transfer up to 60m3/hour @SG1.0(264USGPM) of semi viscous muds and slimes. The unit operates via a twin tank system which allows one tank to fill whilst the other discharges giving virtually constant operation. The SV500 High Volume Mining Slimes pump is completely air powered and operated which renders the unit intrinsically safe with a zone 1 approval rating. Both load and fill cycles can be adjusted via pneumatic timers to maximise product throughput.


  •     High volume transfers up to 60m3/hr @SG1.0(264USGPM)
  •     No internal workings
  •     A one man manual or automatic operation
  •     Optional 400, 600 and 750cfm jet packs available
  •     No moving parts in contact with product
  •     Dual fork/crane frame standard
  •     Optional exhaust air box available


  •     Transfer of mining slurries
  •     Tailings pond cleaning
  •     Filter media transfer
  •     Hazardous waste recovery and transfer
  •     Thickner cleaning
  •     Effluent pond and digester clearing
  •     Power station ash pond cleaning
  •     High volume mud transfer

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