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SV400 Solids Pump

The SV400 Solids Pump was primarily designed for the mining industry. The pump is capable of recovering up to 40m3/hour @SG1.0 (176USGPM) of various materials under vacuum, and delivering the same via 100mm pipe some several hundred metres.

The SV400 Solids Pump can transfer mud, sludge and mining slurry along with heavy aqueous waste directly from the source to an array of destinations including skips, bulk tanks, further processing or return to belt if required. Compact and with a relatively small footprint, when configured correctly the SV400 is capable of operating in an array of industries on a wide array of materials with a very high solids content suffering little or no wear.

  •     100% air powered operation
  •     Intrinsically safe
  •     No internal workings
  •     Generates 25”hg vacuum using 600cfm@85psi to 100psi
  •     One man operation
  •     Optional top load/gravity feed
  •     400, 600, 750 and 900cfm Jet Packs available


  •     Slurry transfer
  •     Mud and tailings transfer
  •     Pit and sump cleaning
  •     Hazardous waste recovery
  •     Oil sludge, tank bottoms residue transfer
  •     Vacuum cleaning of Barge and Vessel bottoms
  •     Bulk tank transfer, load and unload
  •     Hazardous waste recovery and transfer

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