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SV280-V Heavy Duty Solids Pump

The SV280-V Heavy Duty Solids Pump is a high velocity, heavy duty solids pump, capable of capturing high density slurries via a strong 25”Hg vacuum combined with high velocity airflows. The SV280-V Heavy Duty Solids Pump can handle solids to 80% of the employed hose diameter and will transfer up to 30 m3/hr @SG1.0(132USGPM) depending on the materials and distances involved. The SV280-V Heavy Duty Solids Pump has no moving components that come in contact with the material being pumped and can pass rags, bolts and many other items that would render a standard impeller pump, inoperable.


  • 100% compressed air operation
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Manual or fully automatic operation
  • Robust construction and low wear characteristics
  • High vacuum and high airflow
  • Delivers up to 1000 metres (3280ft) horizontally and 35 metres (115ft) vertically
  • High solids content transfer


  • Capture and transfer of drill cuttings
  • Sump cleaning and desilting
  • Tank bottoms and sludge extraction
  • Tailings transfer or dewatering
  • OBM transfer and pit cleaning
  • Bentonite and sand transfer

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