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LMHi Screw Pumps for Food and Pharmaceutical industry. Each pump can be customized for a specific application allowing the customer to be served in an optimal way. Several Screws Profiles and several materials available allow them to be optimized for each particular application. The Screws Pair rotates inside the Pump Enclosure, creating several separate chambers and pushing the fluid trapped inside in accordance with the progression of the screws pitch.

The flow rate is particularly uniform and pulsation-free, and the pumped fluid flows in an axial direction (not circumferentially, as it happens in the centrifugal pumps) The result of the screws rotation is a gentle movement of the displaced volume, in not turbulent conditions, making it ideal for handling shear-sensitive fluids or liquids easily subject to emulsification.

Fully cleanable in place (CIP) and Sterilisable in place. (SIP) Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) are pumps procedures for cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly and assembly work. The LMHi Twin Screw Pump can be used also as a CIP Pump, with the benefit of eliminating the need of another Pump dedicated only to CIP (and any eventual accessories that would be needed for that).

Technical features:

Pump Model LMH 3000:
Capacity: Up to 180 m3/h | 793 gpm
Differential Pressure: Up to 16 barg | 232 psi
Rotation speed: Up to 2200 rpm
Medium Temeperature: -20 / +140 °C |-4 / 284 °F (160°C |320°F with oil cooler)
Viscosity: Up to 1.000.000 cSt
Convenience • Oils & greases • Soups • Sauces and Pulps • Dressings • Ketchup • Mustard • Mayonnaise • Mousse • Honey • Spreads • Salads • Meats • Fish • Delicacies • Jams
Beverage industry • Juices • Concentrates • Wines • Sparkling wine
Sweets • Chocolate • Liquid sugar • Fudge • Cream • Raw mixtures • Fillings
Dairy Products • Yogurt • Quark • Single cream • Butter • Pudding • Desserts • Concentrates • Melted cheese • Homogenized Milk
Meat Products • Sausage meat • Sausage prep
Pharmaceutical industry • Raw materials • Personal care • Cosmetics • Bio-Pharma

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