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Unlike metering pumps that use manual stroke adjusters, Hydra-Cell P Series metering pumps use Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) electronic flow adjustment to maintain greater accuracy over the entire turndown range. This reduces the possibility of operator error, pumping inaccuracies, lost motion, and chance of leakage.

  •     Solid-state electronics are unlikely to fail
  •     Metering is linear over the entire range
  •     Volume per stroke is constant and a known value
  •     Easy calibration of the desired feed rate
  •     Rate of change is virtually instaneous (0 to maximum rpm in 0.3 seconds) with AC motor

Hydra-Cell metering pumps combine simple, elegant engineering with rugged construction to offer greater versatility while lowering overall costs.

  •     Smaller footprint with the same capability as larger pumps lowers acquisition costs and saves valuable space in the facility
  •     Each model covers an extensive range of pressures and flows - no need for different plunger and liquid end sizes to accommodate increases
  •     Inherent simplicity of the Hydra-Cell design allows versatile application compared to complex metering pumps that may require expensive construction changes to meet specific needs
  •     Lower parts and maintenance costs
  •     Separate gearbox makes it easy to change applications while preventing cross-contamination of actuating oil
  •     Multiplexing capability enables mixing ratios of multiple fluids in flexible, economical ways

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