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Plunger and hydraulic double diaphragm metering pumps

Plunger and hydraulic double diaphragm metering pumps designed according to the API 675 standards and with fully engaged mechanisms for heavy duty applications. The flexibility of using different materials in contact with the process fluid makes possible to then satisfy a wide range of dosing and mixing applications.

Liquid end: SS 316L, PP, PVDF, different material on request
Flow-rate adjustment: manual, electrical 4÷20 mA, Pneumatic 3-15 psig and/or SMART (protocol HART) servomotor and/or by frequency converter drivers
Multiple head execution with different mechanism size and gear ratio
Pressure up to 200 bar
Flow rate up to 2650 l/h
API 675 Standards - CE and ATEX marking


  • Positive return type in different sizes
  • Internal worm gearbox, oil bath lubricated with low noise emissions
  • Rotating parts on ball bearings to minimize power consumption
  • Each mechanism comes complete with an internal gearbox; pumps with different speeds (strokes/min) can therefore be joined to form multi-head pump units, allowing a greater flexibility when selecting the pumps themselves.
  • Stroke adjustment with high precision can be achieved, both manually and automatically. Electrical and pneumatic servomotors designed by SEKO are available. Also an increase of turndown ratio can be achieved by frequency converter varying the speed of the electrical motor

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