Positive Return Plunger Process Metering Pumps

  • Positive Return Plunger Process Metering Pumps SKU102

    The range of Positive return plunger metering pumps benefit from OBL's thirty-six years of technical experience in the development of plunger pumps.

    Mechanism: Positive return
    Max flow rate: 5500 L/h


    • API 675 full motion positive return plunger pump
    • Heavy-duty construction designed for continuous (24 hour) industrial operation
    • Suitable for high pressure applications where accuracy and reliability are essential
    • OBL's metering pumps arc used in several industrial plants. The "L.series ranges from the smallest capacity,4-00 cc}h,to the largest, 11.000 l/h.
    • All models can be built as multiple units; different sizes can be combined.
    • Each pump-head can have a different stroke rate since each has its own reduction gear
    • Power transmission through multiple units is easily achieved by common,low-torque speed shaft
    • ATEX STD compliance (94/9/CE), group II category 2 (zone 1/21) and group II category 3 (zone 2/22)
    • High metering accuracy
    • Horizontal coupling, in all combinations
    • All possible automatic capacity controls available on demand

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