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Dynapumps are experienced in providing Process and Vacuum Pump solutions for the Water and Wastewater industry, ensuring we continually meet and exceed performance expectations. We deliver on efficiency, a reduction in high power consumption and to provide water at the lowest possible cost. We manufacture FLO-MAX® Turbine and Submersible Pumps in Australia for the water and wastewater industry along with pump package systems, specialty products, and services. Dynapumps also offer Australia’s most diverse range of vacuum pumps, air blowers and gas compressors that cover all water applications including our high quality range of Self Contained Vacuum Priming Systems.

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  • APV Cavitator SKU187

    The APV Cavitator offers breakthrough benefits for the heating of liquids without scaled buildup and/or the mixing of liquids with other liquids, gasses or solids at the microscopic level to improve product quality and functional performance. » View More

  • Our high quality range of Dynavac Self Contained Vacuum Priming Systems is designed for the Municipal, Industrial, Agricultural, Marine & Power industries. » View More

  • G Series Diaphragm Pumps versatile and reliable for a wide range of applications » View More

  • Vertical Turbine pumps offer unrivalled reliability and engineered technology - from standard, off-the-shelf products to custom engineered projects. » View More

  • Peerless Pump engineered the AE Series horizontal split-case pump to accommodate a variety of applications. The single stage, double suction, horizontal split case pump comes in forty-two different hydraulic configurations and twenty-five pump sizes. » View More

  • Peerless Fire Pumps SKU2222111

    Peerless Fire Pump installations (UL Listed, ULC Listed or FM Approved) deliver superior fire protection to facilities worldwide. Field-tested products are designed for reliability and longevity and include a broad selection of pumps, drives, controls, baseplates and accessories. » View More

  • Single-stage, low-pressure centrifugal pump with axial suction, mounted on a baseplate.

    » View More

  • Centrifugal pump with axially split pump housing. » View More

  • Operates on the principle of contactless rotary claw mechanism. No internal friction or wear occurs in the oil-less pump chamber. Delivers high energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirement. » View More

  • The Dynapumps range includes diaphragm and dry-piston vacuum pump and compressor solutions to serve a variety of applications. » View More

  • The Dynapumps liquid ring vacuum pump range offers a wide range of sizes and construction materials. We offer available both single and two stage designs. The main features are simplicity and robustness. » View More

  • Single-stage Dry & Oil Flooded Rotary Vane vacuum pumps are available with either oil-sealed composite or dry carbon vanes, dependant on required application. » View More

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