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Dynapumps are experienced in providing Process and Vacuum Pump solutions for the Water and Wastewater industry, ensuring we continually meet and exceed performance expectations. We deliver on efficiency, a reduction in high power consumption and to provide water at the lowest possible cost. We manufacture FLO-MAX® Turbine and Submersible Pumps in Australia for the water and wastewater industry along with pump package systems, specialty products, and services. Dynapumps also offer Australia’s most diverse range of vacuum pumps, air blowers and gas compressors that cover all water applications including our high quality range of Self Contained Vacuum Priming Systems.

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  • Single stage, end suction pump, back pull out with standard ANSI PWA power frames. The casing is design for full liquid retention insuring a fully primed pumping chamber at start up. Material of construction include, as standard, high strength carbon steel liquid end with various more noble alloy construction. » View More

  • High strength Carbon Steel, liquid end and motor support material,additional casing thickness and greased lubricated bearing are just few,no charge features considered extra from other manufacturers. » View More

  • The Mine Dewatering Unit is engineered for efficient separating of oversized solids and conveying of mine water. » View More

  • The NS70-12V has been designed specifically for mining applications incorporating innovative concepts and ideas including recommendations from the mining industry worldwide. » View More

  • AODD pumps can operate in various applications as “transfer pumps” and thanks to their resistance can pump a wide variety of chemical fluids, also offering easy installation and maintenance. » View More

  • Chemical Vertical Sump Pumps are designed for vertical installations, with column and volute casing submerged with the motor mounted above the pumped liquid. » View More

  • Close or long-coupled fiberglass pumps reinforced with special resins according to the liquid pumped up to 1350 m3/h ANSI/ASME » View More

  • Air Operated Tubular Diaphragm Pumps are engineered for heavy duty applications, such as the pumping of aggressive liquids and abrasive solids. » View More

  • The AirSaturn is the World First Air-operated Double Diaphragm pumps made of fiberglass and highly resistance to chemicals, mechanical strength, corrosion, abrasion,wear resistance, fire and varies temperatures. » View More

  • Saturnsub Submersible Pumps are made of vinyl ester thermosetting resins. Saturnsub have a high mechanical strength, dimensional stability and an excellent chemical resistance. » View More

  • SaturnSump Process Sump Pumps are highly resistant to chemicals and corrosive agents. » View More

  • Saturn Evo Centrifugal Pumps are highly resistant to wear, to corrosive and to moderately abrasive chemical liquids made in accordance with ANSI / ASME B73.1. » View More

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