Heavy duty single-stage Rotary Vane Pumps

  • Heavy duty single-stage Rotary Vane Pumps SKU038

    Heavy duty single-stage Rotary Vane Pumps are easy to install, operate fully automatically, and represent the simplest and most inexpensive system for vacuum plants. Our pumps achieve a high degree of vacuum through a wide pressure range of practically constant flow. This allows performances equal to larger size pumps, with considerable energy savings. The UV series vacuum pumps, complying with most international regulations, are valued in many industrial applications thanks to their low life cycle cost, safety, environmental compliance, low noise level, compactness, high performances, design simplicity, reliability and durability.


    • Air cooling through an aluminum radiator and a temperature controlled fan.
    • Operation without cooling water avoids problems related to limestone, ambient temperature and unstable vacuum degree.
    • “Closed-loop” lubrication circuit ensure negligible oil consumption.
    • Single-stage suction volumes from 250 m3/h to 3240 m3/h
    • 99.95% maximum vacuum degree (0.5 mbar(a)) with performance curves constant up to 95%: the best achievable result by a single stage vacuum pump.
    • Special aluminum alloy vanes provide active sealing according to the traditional Pneumofore feature and guarantee a stable performance even after years of operation, avoiding efficiency loss and minimizing cost of operation and maintenance.
    • Reduced electric energy consumption when compared to liquid ring pumps with same nominal capacity.
    • “Plug and play” pumps, easy to install and integrate.


    • Intake air filter with polyester cartridge (3 μm).
    • Oil filter cartridge for lubrication circuit.
    • Oil separator and oil recovery for clean oil-free air delivery. No oil vapors.
    • Cylinder-integrated non return valve avoids air and oil backflow.
    • Direct coupling between cylinder and electric motor.
    • Limited footprint - soundproof [75 dB(A)] - cabin, no foundations required.
    • Fully automatic operation: oil temperature control, auxiliary control switches, safety vacuum gauge, system alarms and motorized suction valve.
    • Control panel with vacuum gauge, oil separator cartridge pressure drop indicator, hour meter, active circuits control warning light, manual security button and key starter.
    • Very low maintenance cost thanks to design simplicity and to few moving parts subject to wear.
    • Vertical layout (for UV4, UV8 and UV16) for space economy.
    • CE marking as per European Safety Regulation.


    • Food processing
    • Packaging
    • Material handling
    • Plastic heat moulding
    • Bricks production
    • Degassing
    • Polymers production
    • Aluminum moulding
    • Glass moulding
    • Printing and paper

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