Salt Water - FLO-MAX Vertical Turbine Pumps

Salt Water - FLO-MAX Vertical Turbine Pumps

Client: WA Live Seafood Export Company
Supplier: Dynapumps
Project: Salt Water - Protein Fractionator and System Return Pumps
Duty: 71 L/sec at 8.5m Head & 69 L/sec at 5.5m Head
Application: FLO-MAX Vertical Turbine Pumps

Details:  6 x 12JL Vertical Turbine Pumps and 2 x 10SM Vertical Turbine Pumps. All pumps are constructed of duplex stainless steel with gland packed seal arrangement. Pumps are driven with 11kw TECO MAX E3 Motors directly to FLO-MAX engineered thrust bearing assembly.

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