Western Turner Syncline Project - Rio Tinto

Western Turner Syncline Project - Rio Tinto

Client: Rio Tinto
Project: Western Turner Syncline Project
Application: Turkey Nest Pump Station (for water supply distribution and reticulation)

This system consists of 2x ISO-PRO 80x50-250 centrifugal pumps with Teco 45kW 2Pole motors each of the two skids. The system is controlled by an Aline control panel with the client's free supplied FOBOT & I/O module incorporated into our control panel. This allows for communication between the client's control and monitoring system on site and the Turkey Nest Pump Station.

The system’s performance was tested to AS2417 Grade 2. All pipework was fabricated and hydro tested according to AS4041. The common base frame was welded in accordance with AS1554.1 and 10% of the welds are MPI tested.

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