API 674 Piston & Plunger Pumps

  • API 674 Piston & Plunger Pumps SKU022

    Flows up to 362 m3/h
    Pressures to 690 Bar

    These pumps come with 2, 3, 4, or 5 cylinders to reduce pulsations. Dynapumps can supply fabricated assemblies for you complete with motor, drive arrangement and all accessories such as relief valves, pulsation dampeners, pressure gauges and instrumentation. Built for heavy duty applications in the oilfields, including our API 674 version pump, for drilling and exploration. Used in onshore plants and offshore platforms in the oil and gas industry. In the mining industry where reliability counts these pumps are used for high head underground de-watering, pressure filter feed pumps, high pressure washdowns for railways and haulage vehicles and are standard equipment on diamond drill rigs.

    Type Cylinders Max. Pressure
    Max. Flow
    Piston Duplex 58 34
    Piston Quadruplex 58 70
    Piston Triplex 172 429
    Plunger Triplex 645 3163
    Plunger Quintuplex 809 6025


    • High Head De-watering
    • HP Washdowns
    • Process Liquids
    • Boiler Feed
    • Glycol Injection
    • Salt Water Disposal
    • Methanol Injection
    • Amine Gas Sweetening

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