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Northey Technology Ltd specialises in the development, design and manufacture of rotary compression and vacuum pumps. With an enviable reputation gained from over 50 years of experience, Northey continues to deliver high quality machines produced from combining excellent design and workmanship.

Northey is also able to build tailor-made systems including complete skids, with instrumentation and control for various applications including vent gas recovery in the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry, biogas compression for sewage treatment and landfill, and gas processes e.g. argon and hydrogen

Northey invented the 'Hook & Claw' dry vacuum pump and compressor in the 1930's. Northey Boyce, Northey Rotary Compressors and Northey Technologies Ltd (NTL) are all descendants from the original company.
Northey are proud of their history as a company founded on innovation they are constantly striving to improve their product and do more for their customers.

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    • Claw Type Gas Compressors

      Claw Type Gas Compressors

      Northey's hook & claw compressor has contra-rotating rotors, which do not touch so there is no wear between the components and no need for lubrication.



      Vent Gas Recovery Systems designed by Northey Technologies are distributed in Australia solely by Dynapumps.

    • Side Channel Blower

      Side Channel Blower

      Dynapumps offers a range of Side Channel and PD (roots) blowers for all suction and positive pressure applications.

    Products 1 to 3 of 3

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