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Below are the products that can be applied to medical applications. An example of how we have applied vacuum pumps to a medical grade project is at the Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital.

Every year we display at the Institute of Hospital Engineers Assocation Conference. IHEA Conference 2010

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    Dynavac's VRD range of 2-stage vacuum pumps represents the most cost efficient, high performance product on the market today. 

  • Central Vacuum Systems

    Central Vacuum Systems

    Dynavac Central Vacuum Systems are manufactured in Australia and designed, constructed and tested in line with AS 2896 specification. Dynapumps have installed CVS systems in hospitals, medical & dental centres and universities around the country.

  • Diaphragm Pumps & Compressors

    Diaphragm Pumps & Compressors

    Flows up to 365 l/min (22 m3/h)

    Dynapumps provides diaphragm and dry-piston vacuum pump and compressor solutions to serve a variety of applications and environments requiring lower flows

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  • Dry-Claw Type Pumps And Compressors

    Dry-Claw Type Pumps And Compressors

    Operates on the principle of contactless rotary claw mechanism. No internal friction or wear occurs in the oil-less pump chamber. Delivers high energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirement.

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  • Freeze Dryers

    Freeze Dryers

    Dynavac is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to commercial size Freeze Dryers. Freeze Drying is  the most advanced method for removing water from a wide range of organic substances without biological damage or other adverse effects. 

  • Ion Vacuum Pumps

    Ion Vacuum Pumps

    Dynapumps range of Ion pumps are second to none.  With access to the Varian (Agilent) range of Ion pumps and accessories, Dynapumps can provide a solution to any research or industrial requirement that is needed.  Pumping speeds ranging from 0.2 – 500 l/s are available

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  • Leak Detectors

    Leak Detectors

    Dynapumps offer a range of leak detection equipment from portable and bench mounted unit, through to mobile and dedicated component devices.  Our units can be supplied for traditional Helium leak detection through to refrigerant, ormulti gas models.



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  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

    Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

    Dynapumps liquid ring vacuum pumps offer the largest range of sizes available in both single and two stage designs. The main features are that of simplicity and robustness

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  • Programmed Maintenance

    Programmed Maintenance

    Dynapumps not only builds the vacuum system but we back this up by providing on site maintenance.


  • Rotary Piston Pumps

    Rotary Piston Pumps

    Rotary piston vacuum pumps are most commonly used in heavy duty industrial applications. They are traditionally oil-sealed and tolerant of ingress of contaminated gases

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  • Rotary Vane Pumps

    Rotary Vane Pumps

    Dry & Oil Flooded Rotary Vane. This design is used for industrial applications at coarse and fine vacuum. The increased ability of these smooth running pumps offers high efficiencies and silent running.

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  • Rotary Vane Pumps - High Vacuum

    Rotary Vane Pumps - High Vacuum

    Rotary Vane pumps are unique in their ability to deliver high or low throughputs with ultimate high vacuum.

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