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Pressure Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Air PumpsWe have a large selection of pumps and pump types to choose from within our range and therefore can select the best pump product to meet your needs. We use computerised pump selections to ensure you get the right pump for the job. Our pump bases are designed to make life easy for you with back pull out design and lifting lugs incorporated as standard. Inertia bases and bases to API standards with certification are also available. All of our welders have undertaken Welder Qualification testing and all couplings are laser aligned. We utilise Australian, European and USA Standards in our design selections and can test pumps to AS 2417 Grades 1 and 2 on our in house test rig.

System Design

Industrial and Mining PumpsWe specialise in the design and supply of complete pump systems to suit your needs. We can incorporate pressure and vacuum/air pumps, vessels, valves, controls and installation when required. Once the system is built, we perform full functional testing.

This site is designed to enable you to browse our product range by pump type, manufacturer, industry and application all of which are cross referenced to ensure you find the pump solution to suit your particular needs.


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