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NETZSCH has been manufacturing progressive cavity pumps over 60 years and has an unrivalled range of positive displacement pumps including progressive cavity, rotary lobe, twin screw, dosing pumps as well as a range of macerators and grinders. Capacities up to 600m3/h. Pressures up to 48 bar as standard, and up to 240 bar as high pressure. Rugged, Mine Dewatering pumps are available with pressure up to 72 bar and high flows in proven technology.
Available through Dynapumps in Western Australia.

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    • Tornado Rotary Lobe Pump

      Tornado Rotary Lobe Pump

      Industrial rotary lobe pumps are versatile stand alone equipment. Used primarily in environmental technology and the chemical industry, these pumps handle almost any substance continuously and gently while metering in proportion to rotation speed. Available through Dynapumps in Western Australia.

    • Helical Rotor

      Helical Rotor

      Progressive cavity (or helical rotor) pumps can be used in a broad range of applications and provide efficient, high pressure [virtually] pulsation free conveyance of most mediums. Our wide range of materials and configurations make it easy to choose the best pump for the job, resulting in high performance and low maintenance cost.


    Products 1 to 2 of 2

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